Saturday, 18 September 2010

Well, Cannot Wait To Get Out On The Bank, Again...

After a busy week, grafting and going too and this morning getting my grandmother's gas fire fitted with the plumber, I cannot wait to get down on the river bank, tomorrow morning.

I finally decided to give the barbel fishing a miss and go for the roach and small stuff on the stick float, for a change.
Went down the local tackle shop, this afternoon and brought two pints of bronze maggots, along with a couple of lignum stem stick floats and some new float rubbers, also some new hooks and a new spool of 2lb bs line, ready for tomorrow's session.

When I got back home I decided to lace the maggots with some tandorri curry powder, which I always used to use on the Trent for the barbel.
So it'll be interesting to see how my stick float skills are after a good three year obsession with the barbel fishing, where I mainly fished the feeder and flat lead tactics.

Hopefully if the river is still low and clear, I shall generally bag a few roach, dace and perch, along with a few silver bream, hybrids, gudgeon and chub and owt else that wants a go.
Now you watch it'll probably piss it down all day, cause I'm going to have a go on the stick for a change, which almost always happens, but that ain't putting me off at all, no way, I shall enjoy it and the Sunday roast, that I'll be looking forward to when I get home.

So tight lines and good luck to all, who are out this weekend.


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