Sunday, 19 September 2010

Enjoyed The Fishing Today...

Had a great session on the stick float, plenty of roach, dace and perch were caught, in not so ideal conditions, that were gusty and more suitable for fishing the feeder, but I stuck it out till dusk on the stick and that paid off, for me, also I'm glad I've still got, the knack, with the stick.

There were also a few bank side loonies, walking their dogs and them fucking idiots on them fucking bastard cruisers, tear arseing up and the river, like they think there in the fast lane of the M1, cunts, fortunately this time, I didn't get drowned by tidal waves and didn't let that spoil an otherwise enjoyable day.

At the present time in life, there is a great stamp of roach coming back to the Trent, I noticed the weeklies have dubbed it "the Trent roach revival" from what I've read, so far nothing to write home about in sizes but certainly worth a dabble, in my honest opinion.
I reckon if it hadn't been for the gusty wind today, it'd be worth fishing with hemp and tares, for definite, with the current gin clear and low water condition of the river.


  1. I'd hate to see you when you do get your day spoiled then, William !! ;o)

    There are some good roach, I'll let you know when I get the 2 lber.

  2. Me an all, Fred, but I isn't the type to flip my lid too easily nowadays, because the older I get the more mellow I become! ;)

    Yes 2 lb Trent roach are few and far between and I'd love to catch another, good luck for when you do get one, Fred.