Friday, 25 October 2013

Erewash canal at Ilkeston

Had some nice fish out of this canal when I visited my friend John & Scott, we caught plenty of perch that looked like they had not been angled for, John had a live baiting session, whilst myself & Scott fished the pole.

The results,

Some big perch there along with a few roach, rudd, dace, some skimmers & gudgeon, also a jack pike that gave a good scrap caught by John....

More of the perch......

We had a great session & will be doing some more next year, after Johns wedding which i'm his best man at.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

To the Tremble Idiot on BFW......


Link or rather the missing !

One man went to mow....

Mowed the lawn yesterday afternoon It takes a couple of hours to do & I'm seriously considering losing some of it already, watered the tomatoes, now they are starting to come on nicely, got some nice blackberries & decided to leave one elderberry bush near to my shed which will provide some nice chub & roach bait, it's got a nice bloom of berries on it that are still green at the moment in time but should be ripe, probably by the end of this month.
I've had some great results with elderberry in the past, caught some nice roach, also dace on it & decent chub too fished over a bed of hempseed with a few casters & mini feed pellets, on both stick float & feeder tactics.
Bream used to like elderberry too in a local gravel pit & on a stretch of canal I used to frequent, but for some strange reason I cannot tempt the barbel in the Trent with elderberry, I've tried stringers, scaled down the tackle, tried longer & shorter hook lengths, it's gonna be a case of try, try & try again until I find what works with barbel & elderberry, maybe they don't like elderberry, I'm not sure or maybe it's the way I'm presenting elderberry to them !

Right better go get on with some jobs, :)

Monday, 19 August 2013

Stirred up an hornets nest...

Yeah I know, so what once I took some stick for being part of them, had only met up with a few of them, they were great people to get to know but not to some, they were/are not the best to get involved with in the world of fishing, or so it's foretold.
So after all that, who has gained anything ?
What has this all achieved ?

Not much I can assure you, I made some friends & others didn't like it, ok you cannot please everybody all the time only some of the time.
So I did not bother anymore & left it be.
I then turned my attentions to grafting my balls off, simple as that.

OK I had my laughs out of it all, it were all over a bit of jealousy from a fishing site owner who could not handle the heat then blamed me for being part of another site for taking the proverbial out of him, so what I didn't, but took the blame and walked away, I did not have too, but I just walked away from both sides & called it a day.
All silly really, yeah but that's how it were, I'm not bothered, if it upset anybody, it were not my doings & I hope Jerry gets over himself, because whoever & whatever is posted about himself on BFAMW hasn't got anything whatsoever to do with me, like I say I'm not bothered who he blames, I'm out of it all.


Old timer...

Austin FG series

Friday, 16 August 2013

If in Doubt.....

Stir it about !

And, why?

But what for ?

I fail to see the mentality of some, I really do !

Getting all abit perfetick now & glad am right out of it all, it just goes to show how the small minded perform over a little bit of charity, but at least some folk have better things to do with their time.

A good cause,  well done to the lads so far, it's a tough one but well worth it !

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Get in there......

England 3 och aye the 2.....

Good game of footy last night, we should've scored more but 3-2 was a reasonable result, of cause it were only a friendly, the bragging rights have been restored & no crossbars were pinched from the Wembley stadium, this time.
We ain't doing bad at all now with the three two win last night & the England cricket team 3-0 up in the ashes series against the Australians, things have improved.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Plodding on then....

Started out with an mot job first off this morning then started building a table for the birds in the garden, got a family of black birds & a couple of robins, 4 crows 2 magpies & four pigeons plus 2 grey squirrels if the cats leave them alone plus a family of foxes that reside in my garden.
Just love sitting out there in evening watching the world go by & relaxing, it's quite a big garden & can also take up a lot of time to keep it in tip top condition.
I wouldn't like to guess how big it is but it ain't massive, probably 2 tennis pitches long & about 20ft wide give & take, it also goes downhill away the from the house.
I've got loads of plans for this garden in mind, put up both sheds & now 2 greenhouses so the next thing is to plan a vegetable patch where I intend to grow potatoes, leeks, onions, radishes & the likes of.

I've been given some sound advice on poly tunnels by a few friends who have allotments but might just go for some reasonable sized cold frames, that I've yet to decide upon & besides which it's almost nearing the end of August & Autumn is only around the corner.
Almost finished clearing the ground but got a fair bit to do with getting rid of tree stumps, these are going to take awhile to do but will give more room later on, they are mainly Hawthorne, mountain ash & elderberry trees that are a nuisance to get rid of, I found one way was to dig around the stumps exposing the roots & then putting weedkiller in powder form around the roots & then pour in some boiling water from the kettle & leave them for about a week or so then just lift the stumps out & fill in the hole in the ground afterwards, this has work for me in the past when digging out privet hedges, so we shall see how it works with the tree stumps.

England v Scotland friendly tonight at Wembley, that's if the jocks leave the crossbar alone ! :)

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

OK then....

Got finished early with the fleet maintenance job first thing, then my brother called round before dinner to see if I wanted to have a session next Friday at the Sherwood forest fishery, sounds good, not like me to fish the carp lakes but anything different for a change is good & I need to wet a line.
Gonna go get my licence sorted at the post office, because I'd been busy grafting & haven't had the time for myself let alone fishing I didn't bother renewing.
Now I just need to make sure all the gear is prepared ready, plenty of time yet though.
OK I fished plenty of carp lakes before, the likes of Jansons fishery & the lakeview complex in Leicestershire, also Covert farm in Calverton but not the Sherwood forest fishery & am not fussed how it fishes I'm just going to enjoy it.

Got some catching up in the garden to do, mow the lawn & trim back the over hang of the trees from next doors boundary & then water the tomatoes later on because it doesn't look like we're going to get any rain today.
So that's this afternoons tasks.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Short time no post....

Had a lot going on this year, I've moved house, performed miracles, attacked the jungle (garden) at the new house & took on a fleet maintenance job for a bakery that has a fleet of 12 mk6 transit vans.

Not had the chance to get the rods out yet, down the river but may do in the cooler months & the trouble being a mechanic I'm always work, work, work.
I seem to be getting more & more customers all the time, ok I'm not complaining but even I need a break from time to time, I take on too many jobs, ok some are easy others not so easy but thats the way it goes with this 24/7 lark, I'm always putting myself out for others & it pays good money aswell & my tools & equipment are all payed for but I just need to get some more time to myself, some time to get away from it all.

Not been growing much in the garden at the new house yet but a neighbour has gave me some tomato plants to get me going & I managed to start off some leeks so far & hopefully this weekend I'll get some spuds planted down oneside, after I've mowed the lawn, before I took on the job for the bakery I managed to put a new fence up & slab a patio area, still plenty to do there but like everything else, it all takes time.
The new house is similar to where I used to live, same size house 3 bedroom semi detached with 2 parking bays at the front but a bigger garden at the rear & worth slightly more, no mortgage to worry about it's brought & paid for.
The insurance is reasonable too & it seems cheaper to run in gas & electricity compared with where I used to live.
Ok I'll miss all my friends & neighbours but will still keep in touch.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Great to see....

A couple of teenagers fishing a weirpool.....

Great stuff & you can subscribe to their YouTube page here

Now if all teenage lads were like this, the world would be a better place !.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Back to work...

Yeah I've succumbed to the dreaded graft again, well worth it though, been on the go since 9pm boxing day.
Anyway been watchin in on fatwa recently, in me spare time ! when do they ever learn ? :D

Today I've mostly been listening to...

OK I'll leave it at that :D

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day.

Well Hope everyone has enjoyed this Christmas, now on the eve of Christmas I posted on the blog about some river webcams anyway I've been keeping a watch on the one on the Severn at Atcham.

Christmas eve

Christmas day     

It's been steadly rising &....

Boxing day
Looks like it's dropping now, great if it keeps dropping like in the last pic, it'll be a great session or two over the weekend coming, funnily enough I've always had better results fishing floodwater when it's peaked & starting to drop, maybe because I'm more confident of catching.

Blanking doesn't bother me neither, I just enjoy being beside a river somewhere.

Well besides monitoring online rivercams I'm gonna be keeping a close watch on the Trent in the next few days leading upto the weekend.

Now looking on the EA's flood warning site the Trent has got numerous severe flood warnings issued, but Colwick hasn't upto this point in time, so we shall see how things go.

Like I said in the previous blog post here in Nottingham I've got plenty of canals & stillwater fisheries to have a go at if the rivers out of sorts. 

I'm more fancying a go on one of the canals which  plenty of bait would have been put at the fish regular through this winter time with the amount of pleasure anglers & weekend matches.

Saying that I'm aware of a few gravel pits that still produce the goods with lure fishing, so either way round I'm spoilt for choice has to where to fish!.

Just gonna like I've said watch what happens with the river over the next few days & go from there, right gonna go get me dinner & after I'm going for a bankside recce.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas 2012.

Glad to have finished early this Christmas eve, to start with this morning I went round to a mates for breakfast, I enjoyed it, the weather has been pants today nothing but rain for most of the duration & I've never seen so much traffic pass through town in 1 day except for the usual rush hours, everybody must have been out making those last minute dashes to the shops for the festive duties & the good thing is all the rain has kept all the local tow rags at bay.

I've been have a clear up this afternoon in the garden after the rain had passed for a couple of hours & by christ the temperature is dropping rapid, so the only chances we will see of a white Christmas is a good old ground frost, eh I wonder how many have placed bets in the bookmakers this year on the chance of it snowing on Christmas day ?
Personally you've more chances of winning the lottery than a white Christmas.

Anyway after having my dinner I've been browsing the Internet for a couple of hours & I decided to look in on a site which hosts webcams on rivers in the UK called Farson Digital Watercams Anyway on browsing I looked at a webcam on the River Severn & by christ just look at the amount of extra water on in the picture below.

Well over the banks then, so I'll give any chances I've got at going for a session a miss this week, if things improve into the new year weather wise I'll take some time off to wet a line but saying that I've got plenty of canals & still water fisheries in & around Nottingham at my disposal, so no need to worry about river fishing.

OK have a merry xmas folks & whatever your upto this festive enjoy. :)