Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day.

Well Hope everyone has enjoyed this Christmas, now on the eve of Christmas I posted on the blog about some river webcams anyway I've been keeping a watch on the one on the Severn at Atcham.

Christmas eve

Christmas day     

It's been steadly rising &....

Boxing day
Looks like it's dropping now, great if it keeps dropping like in the last pic, it'll be a great session or two over the weekend coming, funnily enough I've always had better results fishing floodwater when it's peaked & starting to drop, maybe because I'm more confident of catching.

Blanking doesn't bother me neither, I just enjoy being beside a river somewhere.

Well besides monitoring online rivercams I'm gonna be keeping a close watch on the Trent in the next few days leading upto the weekend.

Now looking on the EA's flood warning site the Trent has got numerous severe flood warnings issued, but Colwick hasn't upto this point in time, so we shall see how things go.

Like I said in the previous blog post here in Nottingham I've got plenty of canals & stillwater fisheries to have a go at if the rivers out of sorts. 

I'm more fancying a go on one of the canals which  plenty of bait would have been put at the fish regular through this winter time with the amount of pleasure anglers & weekend matches.

Saying that I'm aware of a few gravel pits that still produce the goods with lure fishing, so either way round I'm spoilt for choice has to where to fish!.

Just gonna like I've said watch what happens with the river over the next few days & go from there, right gonna go get me dinner & after I'm going for a bankside recce.

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