Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Something I've Been Meaning To Do, But Hadn't The Time!

Firstly an apology to Chris Ponsford, why? Because when Chris sent myself a copy of his DVD Tidal Trent Barbel, for review, about a year or so ago, he also sent another one called Lee Edwards, a Champions Wye Experience as well, which only this past weekend I finally got round to watching.

I'd already watched and reviewed the Trent DVD but hadn't got round to watching the Lee Edwards DVD, which I'm now going to do! 

So this last weekend I finally got round to watching the Lee Edwards DVD and enjoyed sitting there watching it, now I've never had the opportunity to fish the River Wye yet, so to watch this film was well worth taking the time to watch, sitting there with my Sunday roast, I thought to myself OK  I used to use my Coarse/Match gear on the Trent for barbel fishing and that's what this DVD is about, barbel and chub fishing from a match anglers perspective, using maggots casters and hemp seed on stick float and ground bait feeder tactics, during autumn time.

When you get the chance to watch it you'll see what I mean!

Great stuff my kind of fishing and well worth watching, there aren't many match anglers with river fishing skills these days, mainly because they frequent the commercials regularly.

Thanks for sending the DVD, Chris and my apologies for taking so long to review it! that's my fault for not taking the time to do so earlier on.

10 out of 10 mate, keep' em coming,

All the best,


To purchase Chris's other DVDs go to Original Videos where you'll find barbel, tench and pike videos amongst the other titles, worth a look, such as Teme Tigers and Wye Valley barbel.

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