Thursday, 26 July 2012

Back garden...

Baking hot sunshine again today, been doing a bit in the garden this afternoon, some weeding between my onions & leeks first off then tying back my tomato plants up their canes.
Next project in the garden is to build a cold frame out of pallet wood & some old polycarbonate sheets, which I'm starting on tomorrow, then I'm going to start building a greenhouse for my tomatoes, who said gardening was easy ? Nah honestly I'm enjoying it & so far this season I've been given lots of inspirational advice from the guys down on the local allotments, whom have given me some spare tomato plants, onions, leeks & seed potatoes to get my garden started off this year (back in March).

So far this year I've had my first potato crop, just before the dreaded blight set in, cabbages, lettuce, spring onions & carrots, now my tomatoes are flowering, bit slow they are but they'll soon come around.
I'm growing two different types of tomatoes, moneymakers & beefsteak tomatoes.

Got another row of potatoes coming through & by the looks of things they'll be ready by the end of next month, the first crop of spuds had made some tasty Sunday roasts so far & I've still got plenty left.
By the way the weathers been it might turn out to be an Indian winter too, so there will be plenty more time to get a few more crops grown later on in the year.
Right now the suns moved away off the garden so it's watering time.

When I get chance I'll put some photo's on...

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