Friday, 25 February 2011

Back end of Season-part, 2.....

Decided to have a roving session yesterday (Thurs-24th,Feb), got the gear ready after dinner time and arrived at the river for 14:20pm after navigating three sludgy water logged footpaths and one village idiot later, to find the river still about half way up it's banks with coloured flood water and pushing through at jogging pace on one particular stretch I'd chosen to fish, not the best of conditions to fish but what the eck I went for it anyway, got to my swim of choice and tackled up, using the minimum of 4oz to hold bottom in this pacey swim, cast in and waited 15 minutes later, nothing, so I re baited and gave it half an hour, still nothing, and then the spot directly downstream was given a go and having not had a sniff after 20 minutes I was pondering what to do next, so the thought of moving to a different stretch was to be the next plan of attack.

Selection of leads, I use.
 Arriving at the stretch up stream from where I started out the session, I spotted what looked like the ideal flood water swim and hastily got comfortable in, I decided to try a 3oz lead in this swim has it looked not so pacey on the surface as the previous swims I'd tried and found it to have very little flow for a flooded swim, perfect you'd think! "There would be a few fish lurking in and around this area", but unfortunately that wasn't to be.
I carried on into the dark hours, plundering away to my hearts content at this perfect spot to not get one bite at all and decided to call it a day at 19:30pm, with the thought of returning to this swim next time with different tactics, which may or may not be the bait and wait approach.

Waiting for a bite

To say the river was half way up it's banks with flood water, there weren't a deal of drifting debris, only the odd bit of streamer weed clinging to the line, if I'd had a session earlier on at the beginning of the week, there would've been all sorts of crap coming through, to say the least.

Good luck to all out on the bank this weekend.

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