Friday, 5 February 2010

What i've been upto recently & other stuff

Great to meet up with a few internet characters !

I met a few of the lads that post on a Website called Barbel Fishing Ain't My World down on the Trent at Hazleford a few weeks ago, The chuckle brothers "Carlos & Chunks" & also Coops, I had to laugh when i met these three because we looked like half the cast from auf wiedersehen pet.

Also we met Mike Joyce "Whiskerton" that day who came down to do a spot of trotting with his centrepin, It was a nice january morning with the sun shinning & i wish i'd brought me gear down now.

I still have'nt been out fishing myself yet due to sorting out the house which is having a new kitchen, bathroom, central heating & all the electrics done, also in the middle of doing the some of the same at my grandmothers house, thats just finishing off plastering & decorating the kitchen & also redecorating the bathroom & then finish off the garden.

Whats going wrong recently ?

Oh well plodding on regardless as you do, I cannot believe the recent january blog wars between Bob Roberts (2bobs) & Tony Rocca aka "Tony2canes" or better still he's known as Tony Bamboo to others. Ouch that was nasty even Conrad pulled the plug, Taking the pee out of someones wife assuming they've a disability is bang out of order, that went a little too far this time.

Been watching the footie recently, Wolves took a battering from Crystal Palace & got knocked out of the FA cup, as did Leeds against Spurs, I even at one point thought Leeds were going to make a comeback on Spurs again but this time it did'nt happen, damn theres goes twenty pound wasted in the bookies.

And then there was the darts, flaming hell Phil Taylor gerrin knocked out by a shackledragger (aussie) who then went on to beat Mervin King in the final of the World Professional Darts Championship, Ouch there goes another tenner in the bookies.

So i am thirty pound down in the bookies & contemplating having another dabble on Spurs next game, we shall see....

Computers, eh !

I have had a look at the new Windows 7 operating system, it's not really all that much different from Vista apart from the interface, taskbar & a few other minor details. So i decided to get Windows 7 Professional 64bit version & dual boot it on a partion of my master hard disk drive, Which has also got my other OS Vista Ultimate.

I was planning on building another pc but decided to dual boot instead, so i could see what all the rage was about Windows 7. So i'll build the next pc some time later on in the year & put my Windows 7 on that, which is going to have a quad core processor, amongst other gaming spec hardware. Upto this point in time i really cannot see the difference between Vista & 7, Ok 7 is all the things Vista should have been & the start up is faster as is the shutdown on Windows 7, compared to Vista, but thats not really a problem on Vista as there are numerous Websites on the Internet that specialize in tweaking Windows Operating Systems, which i'll mention in some future blogs.

Personally i prefer Vista over Win7, it's a shame Microsoft did'nt spend the time to put the new stuff from Win7 into Vista in the first place. Those of us that brought Vista have been ripped off by Microsoft by what they have done with Win7. Ok we are about to get ripped off again by Microsoft, who are now in the midst of building Windows 8.

Hang on Microsoft, I've only just got used to Vista which i find a doddle to use & slowly but surely getting used to Win7 & now you are bringing out a new OS ( Win8 ) jesus talk about needing to give us a chance, some of us have barely had time to breathe.

Alright i'm just moaning abit there ( honestly ), I can remember the time when i first started using computers, my first pc had Windows 95, the second had Win98 & the third had XP professional. I have never yet had the opportunity to have a go on a Mac yet but at some point in time, shall do.


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