Wednesday, 13 January 2010

One of my diy projects

About 3 years ago i decided to build my own desktop pc

It started out with an Antec 300 tower which comes with built in chassis fans, an Asus P5b motherboard with a 775 cpu socket, an Intel core 2 duo E7300 dual core processor with a standard out of the box clock speed of 2.66ghz "it actually runs at 2.72ghz & i haven't even bothered trying to overclock it yet" i also put in 4gb of Corsair Xms2 ddr2 ram with timing speeds & an Nvidia XFX Geforce 8400GS 512mb graphics card.

Then i added a Corsair TX 650watt psu along with 3 Hitachi deskstar 500gb sata hard drives also a LG dvd rewriter & an Hitachi cd rewriter.

I have also added a 16 in 1 HP card reader, i used the keyboard & mouse from my old hp pc.

I have to have external speakers for this pc so i decided to get a pair of Creative T10s & they whack out some sounds, not bad at all for 2.1 channel sorround sound.

The monitor is a Sony Bravia 26 inch lcd tv with built in freeview, I've recently brought another one to match it so i can use dual screen apps which is great because it allows me to have my vista side bar on the right hand side of the second monitor & it's out of the way along with all the desktop icons.

My operating system is Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit, i was using the 32bit version but there was something wrong with the registry which kept currupting itself for some unknown reasons. So i switched over to the 64bit OS & haven't had any problems since.

I even treated myself to a new printer which is an HP Photosmart C3180 series & then got a Buffalo 500gb external hard drive for backing up & also storing all the photos, videos & music collections that i have accumalated over the years.

I brought all the parts from Amazon, & Ebuyer not bad for just over £2225 for a pc that is near as damn it server spec.

Got some moderations to do to it yet so i can quieten the fan noise down which means i have got to get some 12volts to 9volts fan noise reducer cables along with a case fan & psu rubber gasket set.

Speaking about servers one of my next projects is to build a server with roughly about the same spec of the pc i built which is going to have Windows Home Server installed so i can do away with the external hard drive for back up & storage also the good thing about Windows Home Server is that it allows you to be able to access all your stuff on the server & also upload to it from anywhere in the world.

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