Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A bit more about my fishing

I mainly fish Rivers such as the Trent in & around Nottingham, The Severn at Ironbridge, The Dove at Uttoxeter & the Soar in Leicstershire, for barbel, chub, carp & pike. I also like fishing canals ( mainly the Nottingham & the Grantham canals ) & occasionally stillwaters, where i have caught numerous tench & bream & also carp.

I have also fished a couple of the commercials, ( lakeview in Melton Mowbray & also jansons fishery in Bingham ).
They have different rules on the commercials compared to rivers such as, no keepnets barbless hooks only, some even ban cat meat, others that do allow you to use a keepnet will also charge £1.00 extra on your day ticket for each keepnet you want to use. Some of the commercials charge around about £5.00 for a day ticket, others charge more, your best bet would be to look in the Angling Times for prices.

Ok they have got net dips, toilets on site & some have also got tackle shops & cafes, others insist on you using their own branded pellets. At lakeview they have a team of girls who come around the lakes every 10 to 15 minutes asking everybody who is fishing if they want anything from their shop/cafe, it's not a bad place but it is regularly matched fished & does get busy.

While the snow has come our way it's been a great chance to sought through my fishing tackle, wiped all the rods down & cleaned the reels, got rid of all that dust & grit/sand crap that accumalates at the bottom of the rucksack along with the caster shells & grains of dried hempseed, also the dead spiders & other bugs that found their way in there, even replaced the batteries in my head torch ready for the big thaw out.

Turning my attentions to a spot of chub fishing now, got the gear ready along with some nice big juicy lobworms brought from my local tackle shop at £7.50 for a quarter kilo box full, ( i ain't digging them out the garden with all that snow on it ), hopefully that road salt going through the rivers at the moment has not put them off, saying that the water temperature will be rather cold with all that snow melt but that is not going to stop me from going fishing.

Edit: So much for the big thaw out then, looking out of my window this morning (weds 13th jan) there is a blizzard coming our way damn.

Shall have to wait & see what the weekend brings at this rate.

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