Sunday, 28 February 2010

Just a quicky

Well the new kitchen is almost complete & the bathrooms finished, no thanks ter them feckin yorkies, who are draggin it out to a fourth week like i said in a previous blog & i am glad their not doing me central heating, like i said a local firm is doing that for me & it'll be finished before the befamwee luvin.

Had a walk round a few local stretches of the trent last weekend during the snow melt & by christ was it rising & colouring up, not bad though looking at this picture.

As you can see in the next picture, it was rising pretty damn fast.

Haven't been down this weekend to see what the conditions are like but hope to in the week, so next weekends luvin doesn't look promising barbel wise! still you've got to be on the banks for a chance, it's no use moping over a bit of snowmelt floodwater.

On Saturday morning i received a text message, it went like this......

Geezahs due to the cold weather this luvin Mark Partridge came up with a spiffing idea, ala picket line brazier tokeep us warm and as a social point together with a huge tarp and tables that said we will need some wood to burn so pop what you can in your car to keep the cold out!

Thats alright reb but whose gonna bring a chainsaw, for there is plenty of trees, Trentside.

Shall see you guys next saturday morning.



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