Thursday, 16 February 2012

At last

Now the big rush of grafting has slowed right down, its time to get the rods out, man I've been aching to get out on the bank for some time, but have to take the work while it's going so that's the way it is, taken the rest of the week off now so after a sort out at home I'll be getting out on the bank shortly, barbel, chub et al here I come, but first a good old reccy mission is required bankside to find out what the river conditions have got in store for me.

I know Friday & Saturday have rain forecast in the weather reports & sure that snow melt will have made it's impact on the river but it's still worth a shot IMHO, so see how goes & the nights are drawing out too.

Blimey how fast does time really go? in 2 weeks time it'll be March already & 3 months into 2012 it's like the older you get the more time steps up a gear.


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