Tuesday, 31 January 2012

So lets get things back to normal...

Alas the central heatings sorted, got some work on & the spate of bad luck has ran out, well almost I can tell ya it comes in threes but not this time it were four because, after the central heating packing up & i'd ran outta work & lost me phone, the bloody electric kettle decided to give up the ghost on me, now thats some run of bad luck, it were almost as if i'd been cursed by the gypsies or something of that kind.

Now there's a bit cold weather business has picked right up, batteries, bulbs & wipers, not selling much antifreeze or screen wash or de-icer yet but it'll come around.
We've had a bit of a snow shower this morning, hoping to get some more & it settles, then business will boom.

Planning a session on the river bank this weekend, not sure whether to have a go for barbel or dead bait for pike yet it's gonna be down to the weather & or if there is any flood water on the river.
So a bank side reccy is a must, always best to go find out for yourself rather than ask others, at least you know where you stand.

Right off to get straightened up at home now.

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