Monday, 16 May 2011

Nearly a century of posts..

Ninety nine blog posts later, just shows how much time has past since I first decided to jump in the deep end & have a go at blogging, suppose you just get out of these things what you put in, ok I'm no proffessional writer, don't intend to be neither but this blog was just men't to be a past time/diary of what has happened in the past with other stuff & basically the up's & downs of my fishing in general & music I listen to but ok it's made a few friends along the way, not so many enemies & one or two who have decided to jump around criticising, if they don't like it don't look in is the simple answer to that, but no I've so far enjoyed doing the old blogging & who knows what the future holds, we shall just have to wait & see, after all these things take time to build.

Next up blog post No.100.