Monday, 26 July 2010

Well, You Cannot Always Get Your Own Rode,Eh!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Bang went the plans of a Sunday afternoons fishing session, ended up cutting a big old horse chestnut tree down in some horse fields over at Gunthorpe, that had been struck by lighting a few times. It was also hanging over the roadside, & also the local authority had put an order on it to be cut down, so it had to come down, before the time limit had ran out, or the local authority would cut it down at the owners expense. No problem, gets there looks at the tree & sussed the job out, of how we were going to cut this tree down, anyway everything went great until we had got to the two branches that were over hanging the main road, i went up the main trunk & sent a rope round the first over hanging branch, gets down & pulls up the tension of the rope, up goes Glenn ( the owner of the horse fields ) with the chainsaw & away he goes, we'd got the first branch down into the field, sound, but then came the problem, roadside over hanging branch no.2, same thing again sent the rope up round the branch & pulled it tight, Glenn goes up again starts cutting away at it until it starts to creek, so i yanked back on the rope & down comes the branch, sods law the bastard thing went through the hedgerow on to the cycle path & into a lane of on coming traffic, so here's two daft sods on Sunday afternoon diving through an hedge row with a pair of chainsaws to get this big branch that weighed about half a ton off the main road & cycle path, luckily Glenn's old man was watching the roadside & guided the traffic round, so there weren't any accidents, thank Christ, the only damage done was a broken fence panel & post on the cycle path.

So after clearing all that up & repairing the fence, we stopped for a fag break & then put all the gear back in the van, & then this thought occurred to myself about why tree fellers charge so much money for doing these jobs, its to cover the public liability insurance policy you need, so just like what happened to us this afternoon, when these unfortunate accidents happen, you don't get sued the arse off.

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