Friday, 23 July 2010

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Time To Move On, Me Thinks

Don't know whats been going on with the Barbel Society of late but every time it's mentioned on the forums, certain individuals have to come out in it's defence! & it seems like it's doing more harm than good, that's another one of those reasons why i haven't joined! ( politics) now that's an understatement! it gets worse from there on, eventually the tides will turn, as they say! eh? the panel of communications chairman ( Fred Bonney) aka:  forum Fred seems to like getting into fights amongst the members & ex members, this ain't a good thing at all & I'll sooner invest my money into something like the Angling Trust, at least there; there are arguments with some meaning to them, at least with some clout.

Take for instance the other night on BFAMW;  Fred, getting into fights with Tony Rocca, Mike Joyce & Chris Pearson. This in itself  isn't helping the BS it's alienating the problems from within the said society, to be honest I personally don't know where this all started! but it goes way back in time, further than the times when Ray Walton was involved in the makings of the then ( new ) BS, unfortunately now it's full of retiree's trying to make a name for themselves, ( know it all's)! call them what you like for me, but it just gets worse & worse as time progresses & on that note that's more than enough a justifiable reason why i shall not be joining the BS.

The weekend is almost here & i cannot wait to get back out on the river bank, there have been some nice fish coming out of recent, even the carp are starting to show themselves in some stretches.
Trouble is where I've been fishing recently the fish aren't shoaled up any more, they just seem to be few & far between, but these downpoors have certainly helped put more life into the river, it's definitely done some justice somewhere. Anyway that's enough talk about it, I'm off down there.

Edit: well i was going down the river this afternoon, but got called out to do a job, never mind there is always sunday. S'ppose that's the beauty of being self employed.

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