Thursday, 22 July 2010

Not been on for a while

Been busy of late, with now being self employed, still doing all the hard graft me'self though, sometimes you just cannot win.

Anyhow had to miss the BFAMW Trent fish in due to some hassle at home, damn it was really looking forward to that an'all, but still these things happen.
That reminds me, I must give Coops a bell!

Don't know what happed with this years world cup but jesus, it's been the most boring world cup, i've ever watched! & as for England well lets not go there.

Been doing some barbel bashing on the Trent last weekend, had one out at 6.5lb, in a late friday afternoon session,not a bad looking fish, looks like it had been on the bank before because there were a few scales missing & some red marks round it's mouth.

Also had another one at 11.5lbs, in another session on the sunday yes a new PB double, I could'nt beleive the size of it when it came upto the surface, the fight of this double was totally different compared to the smaller fish, these doubles don't scrap like splashers do, it just hugged the bottom, but didn't go very far off downstream like they normally do, looking at it this one's also been banked before aswell anyway here's a photo of her.

So far two sessions two fish & i'm well happy & i even left behind Ray's dub dodging club,  cannot wait to get down there again.


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